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Brilliant Seas Shipping Corporation is a Philippine Corporation duly registered with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and accredited by the Philip-pine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) with license number POEA-037-SB-090315-R-MLC dated September 08, 2015 and valid until September 07, 2019.

Brilliant Seas Shipping Corporation is engaged in the recruitment and employment of qualified, certificated and medically fit seafarers for ocean-going vessels. It was established in February 18, 1982, and initially started with two (2) vessels and a crew of 29. At present, the Company is serving fleets composed of general cargo, multi-purpose heavy lift, bulk, tanker and fishing vessels. It is managed by qualified and com-petent staff that were properly screened and evaluated prior to acceptance.

With the company’s commitment to service, it became the POEA recipient of Top Performer’s Award in 1992. In December 2002 the company was the recipient of the following citations: a) recognition of commendable performance and accomplishment of continuously sustaining its operation for the last ten years, and b) recognition of sustained efforts of continuously promoting the competence of the Filipinos and creat-ing opportunities for Filipino Seafarer.

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